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Spring Series Final Results 11.07.23

The Spring Racing Season finished on June 21st as the planned subsequent race days had to be canceled because of Spanish Championships being held at CAR. 18 races were completed, in a variety of weather conditions, so a real test for all competitors, and, as is normal practice, the worst one third of each boats results were discarded to find the winner.

It is interesting to note that most boats won at least once during the season, indicating very close racing throughout and the accuracy of the handicaps.

The SAMM fleet it so mixed that it is best to run races of Average Lap format. This means all boats race for an hour in the same conditions, completing as many laps as possible in the time. Handicaps are then applied to determine the race winner and placings. The “Low Points” system means the first boat is given 0.75 points, the second 2 points and so on. The series winner is therefore the boat with the lowest score.

The Spring 2023 worthy winner was Cuatro, a Gamba belonging to the Shoestring Group, and second was Vision, a Sailfish 18 of the Balaton Group. The full scores can be seen in the table, scores greyed are those that were dropped to give the final positions.

Group boats are sailed by number of different crews so the trophies were presented to a representative from each group, Jack Moss, Shoestring ,right and Julian Pering, Balaton, left.

Vision left. Cuatro above

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