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Sailing and Social Group

The Deltania Group has two separate boats, a 2007 Deltania 22s with a 6 hp outboard and a new 25 foot Ronautica with inboard. They are based at Los Urritias.

There are two boats in totally separate organisations under Deltania both of which are members of SAMM.


They are both moored at Los Urritias Marina and consist of two different boats.


There is a Deltania which  is a 22 foot Deltania purchased in 2007, with a syndicate of eight shareholders. There are currently shares available.


In the other syndicate, there is a new 25 foot Ronautica 265 with a Volvo inboard.


Both independent groups work closely together. All groups require shareholders to be members of Samm and hold a ICC qualification. If you would like any more information about both the syndicate please contact Michael Egar on and I will forward any interest to both parties.


There are of course annual subscriptions and an investment in a share.

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