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Cruising News 23/07/2023

Hi Everyone

We had a busy few weeks with the yachts going cruising over the the Ibiza and Formentera

Lottie May 1st

From San Pedro, we motor sailed up to Santa Pola and booked in for the night, next day, we motor sailed to El Miramar arrived at 18:00 and booked in for the night. Next day, motor sailed to Calpe, arrived at 18:30 booked in for the night, next morning, we set off at 07:00 and motor sailed to Calle Sahona, Formentera, arrived 18:30 dropped the Anchor and stayed the night, next morning we set off at 11:30 and motor sailed to Calle Tarida, arrived 14:55 stayed the night, next day motor sailed to San Antonio, booked in and stayed for 2 nights. So from there we motor sailed around to Portinatx, next morning we motored around to Santa Eulalia next morning headed for Calle Sahona, dropped the Anchor for the night, bit of a rough night so rolling back and forth so next morning after little sleep, we left at 06:00 am and motor sailed over to the main land, for Altea, arrived at 19: 20 and booked in for the night, next morning booked out at 10:50 and sailed to Santa Pola, arriving 18:00 booked in for the night, next morning we left at 10:00 and headed back to our home marina, arriving at 14:00 after a very enjoyable trip.

May 20th to 24th. May Lottie left port with 3 crew on board plan was to go to Ibiza

We had a nice sail to Tabaca island anchor over night.

Then to Moriara where the weather changed for the worst thunderstorm and heavy waves.

We decided to go back to home port.

We left Moriara in the morning heading back and the wave increase and wind.

We decided to go to Alicante port for shelter from the thunderstorm and lighting. Raining all night

Next day 2 crew members had a look at the sea state and wave decrease.

So we decided to head back to home port and arrived safely back after lots of motor sailing.

Baltic Moon 10th June. Crew of 4 joined the yacht got prepared to leave on the 12th.

We need to get fuel, water, food shopping, check there was enough gas.

We did engine checks.

On the 12th we left home port and headed to Torrevieja where we had to pick up the new dinghy.

Then off to Santa Pola, stayed overnight then headed up to Moriara were we stayed for 2 nights.

Then heading over to Ibiza to an anchorage where we stayed overnight at port Torrent for 2 nights

Then round the Corner to Tarida and anchored for 2 nights.

Then we went to Botafoc marina ( Ibiza town) , had a walk , filled up with water a bit shopping.

We left there, then headed to Espalmador were we had a buoy for the night.

Then sailed to Santa Eulalia fill up with fuel then anchor outside.

We left early in the morning and sailed overnight we did 2 hr watches we got a buoy out side Isla Grosa had a rest and breakfast then headed to home port.

Lots of motor sailing.

June 8th

Lottie. 3 crew on board went to Tabaca Isla over night lovely sail over 5.5 hrs

It was nice to have a breeze.

The anchorage in the evening there was only 9 yachts, 2 crew slept on deck , but where wakened at 7.00 am when fog horn blowing to see police and lots of safety boats.

Then we looked to the land to see lots of swimmers waiting to start swimming

It took them about 10 min for everyone to be in the water.

They went over to the main land which is 900m it was lovely to see them start

while on board having a nice coffee or tea

We had to motor sail back .

Regards Heather CI

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