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No surprises 23.09.23

Updated: Sep 29

A struggle to make the mark

The second race day of the autumn season on Sunday September 17th went well with no surprises.

Cuatro chasing Uno

The first race was delayed due to lack of wind and did not start until 12:00, with only 2.8 knots, but, as none of the Balaton Sailfish were competing, it was decided to go ahead. Excellent start with all 5 dinghies over the line within 30 seconds. Despite the conditions all boats managed to complete 4 laps.

By the start of the second race the wind direction had changed so it was decided to reverse the course. Due to error by the Race Officer the start was slightly chaotic and a total recall had to be made! Within 5 minutes race was under way again with all dinghies crossing the line together. The wind had increased to 6 knots which helped the competitors have a classic race with four boats completing 7 laps and one 6 laps.

Everyone had a good day, despite the changing wind directions and the average lap times in seconds after applying handicaps were.

First race, Cuatro 509, Uno 530, Dos 541, Tres 565, Laser Radial 572.

Second race, Cuatro 367, Dos 384, Laser Radial 412, Tres 419, Uno 439.

Ginetta with no wind

The next race day was Wednesday September 20th and 4 boats signed on to race. Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Gineta.

Race 1 again being delayed waiting for enough wind, starting with 5 knots south westerly at 11:15. Dos was first over the line at only +1 second, closely followed by Tres at +5 seconds. Cuatro followed at + 20 seconds with Gineta way behind the line not being able to make any headway.

The wind speed dropped to 3 or 4 knots as Dos lead at the first mark, followed by Tres and Cuatro 2 minutes behind. Gineta had still not started.

At the end of the first lap, Tres had managed to catch Dos and they completed the lap neck and neck. The wind by this time was very light and variable. Gineta managed to cross the start line, then stopped with sail problems and drifted backwards across the line. Later she had to be rescued from the race by the support boat and retired.

At the end of the second lap both Dos and Tres tried different tracks to find the breeze, the wind now down to 3 knots variable south easterly. Tres rounded the first mark ahead of Dos, who then caught up and passed Tres at the second mark. Cuatro was still behind by one mark. The 2 leading boats changed places yet again, with Tres crossing the finishing line ahead of Dos, followed by Cuatro some minutes later.

Cuatro retired to the shore, leaving only 2 boats to race. The skippers both agreed that the wind was too light and variable to continue to race. The second race was then abandoned. The wind remained light until we left, after 2:30 pm.

Rather a disappointing day, but we tried.

Result after handicaps were Dos 1090, Tres 1140, Cuatro 1407.

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