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Sailing to Africa with the dolphins

There is a new section on the website homepage where I will put links to videos and articles of interest. I've been following a couple who have been sailing around the med for a number of years. In fact they were stranded in the mar menor during the covid pandemic for a couple of months if I recall correctly. They have now decided to sail the Atlantic and they will be posting at least one video each month. Some of you may have already seen last month's video, which I posted a few weeks back. I really enjoy watching their adventures and I hope you do too.

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Keeping cool in Grenada | Ep113

The Caribbean cruising adventure begins! For all you SAMM/Shoestring sailors who are not being allowed to actually sail, here is your fortnightly episode from Steve & Judy. I hope this cheers you up.

Amazing boat yard stories! | Ep112

This week we talk to Ken who suffered a double dismasting of his Amel Super Maramu mid Atlantic. Watch the video HERE


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