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Sailors Hornpipe 16.10.23

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

It was a sight to behold for the many Spanish passers by. A dozen people, some of advancing years, dressed in striped shirts, white pants and hats, prancing around in unison to a strange tune.

What on earth was it? Why the SAMM Flash Dance for 2023 of course, at the Caldero Day in Los Alcazares on October 12th, the Dia de la Hispanidad, national holiday where hundreds take to the beach to celebrate, with many clubs, groups, association and families reserving a pitch with the town hall.

SAMM, the Sailing Association Mar Menor, has participated for more than ten years, erecting a marquee and SAMM banner along with B-B-Q’s and tables.

In recent years a Flash Dance routine has been performed each hour to entertain and attract the crowds. For 2023 Christine, our Treasurer’s wife, suggested the Sailors Hornpipe, supplied the hats, organised the music and choreographed the moves which included swabbing decks, hauling on ropes, climbing rigging and drinking grog, all simulated of course. The performances made many people stop, watch and enjoy the spectacle while they had their photos taken with the dancers or asked about our sailing activities.

Between performances the performers socialised, partied and played the various beach games on offer with the many other SAMM members who were present.

Everybody agreed it was a great social event but now it’s time to get back to serious sailing and our Sunday race days.

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Unknown member
Oct 17, 2023

Always a great day out. Thanks for the post Terry.


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