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Would you like to sail or race on the Mar Menor in Murcia, Spain?
If your answer is Yes, then you have come to the right place.
You can sail a dinghy, or a larger boat like a Balaton or Deltania.
You can even join a crew and cruise on the Mediterranean.


Or 'Contact' us for more information.

Mistral leads Sirocco Sunset 2.11.14.jpg
Dinghy Sailing on the Mar Menor

The Finest Sailing Experience

If you are looking for sun, blue skies, and a warm sea you've come to the right place.

Oh what a beautiful morning.jpg

A Unique Adventure

There are very few Clubs or Club Waters, few areas for dinghy storage, and if you do find a place to launch your boat, it may be illegal to use a beach or slipway without correct authorisation.  If you sail bigger yachts, marina berths are hard to obtain and, if you are lucky to get one, can be very expensive. Joining SAMM will solve this storage problem for you.

Fun for all the family and friends.

Water Drops

You're in Spain! So c'mon and enjoy life!

Disfruta La Vida!


Caldero Day. LOs Alcazares

Caldero Day Fiesta

It's not all about sailing. There are many social activities during the year, such as: The Golf Society, Dinner Dances, Menu Del Dias. The ever popular two day Spring Bash. Check the Social Calendar for more fun information.

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